Singapore Juggling Magician

* Money-back guaranteed high-energy infectious fun at your birthday party / event !

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Children's Magician

 If H the Juggling Magician doesn't make the kids scream & shout, jump & laugh, do what you'd feel like doing : TEAR THE CHEQUE!

He's that magician every child would want to have in his / her own birthday party, & countless magicians would like to be!

Adults' Magician

One of Singapore's best magicians in action

Let H the Juggling Magician mesmerize the adults & that includes you, with some of his classic magical acts that are the envy of many magicians :-

  • Levitation
  • vanishing
  • teleportation
  • you name it!
In short, you're looking at one of Singapore's best magicians...

Roving Close-up Magician

  The magician has vanished himself!


No magician is more convincing than a close-up magician.

When H the Juggling Magician comes close to within arms' length of your guests, be prepared those passive guests of yours who're likely disbelievers of magicians will be stunned by his "spell" into believers!