Singapore Juggling Magician

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Do something different for your school, your community, your company...

Get one & all on the ball, literally.

Pop them into a workshop!


 Juggling workshop 







juggle !!!




Stall the admiring. Start the acquiring!

And we are talking about skill. Reinforce in your students, employees, community, etc. that where there's a will, there certainly is a way.

Or rather, just sit back & let H the Juggling Magician walk the talk! 

 Magic workshop 

Everything around us is a potential prop for magic act - coins, rubber bands, strings, etc.

Make this discovery thru my magic workshop. Learn how a coin can be pushed thru your palm. Or how two interlocking rubber bands in your hand escape each other's entanglement with just one blow of your mouth!

 In short, be brought into another dimension!

 Balloon-sculpturing workshop 


Work those fingers on something else other than computer keyboard. Lay them on things soft - balloons! And turn a tube-like one into fascinating animals or things. 

Help put a smile on a child's face when putting the couch-potato into action!

 Call or email now to discuss...  

Yes, embark your students, pupils or community on a journey of real learning by taking one of these first steps :


(65) 9455 0235



 Combo workshop 

Wanna be an all-rounder? Take all 3 workshops! Two hours of magic class, two hours of balloon-twisting class, two-hours of juggling class! In no time your students, employees, community become fat, with skills!